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Scanfrost Water Dispenser SFWD 1201 has two water vaults one of which is hot and the other cold. Therefore this water dispenser has the ability to deliver both hot and cold water based on preference at any point in time. The door design on Scanfrost Water Dispenser SFWD 1201 is very versatile and simple therefore it can fit into any setting both at work and at home. This dispenser is known to bring clean water in both hot and cold form. The Scanfrost Water Dispenser SFWD 1201 is very easy to clean and it is very advisable to create an appropriate cleaning pattern for it so that the water that it provides remains clean constantly. Warm water and soap can be used to wash all the removable pats of the dispenser so that dirt does not accumulate in the dispenser. This dispenser can be used to filter dirt from water before it comes out for drinking. While the water dispenser is in use it does not mess up the surroundings. finding a water canister for this dispenser is never difficult because it happens to fit all, it can fit bottles of 3 to 5 gallons. it has a small refigirator under it, with a signature style for the taps. the thermal isolation is properly designed so that the hot water and the cold water never have any clash when they are coming out

  • Suitable for bottle of 3 to 5 gallons
  • Distinctive thermal isolation minimising heat exchange between hot & cold water
  • Paper cup convenient
  • Popular single tap design
  • Beautiful sparkling silver finish

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